Where can I get the abortion pill in South Carolina?

You can buy abortion pills online in South Carolina. Aid Access will help you order an abortion pill kit and have it delivered to your home by mail.

How to order abortion pills in South Carolina

To get a prescription for the abortion pill and have the pills delivered to your home address, order abortion pills by mail to South Carolina here.

Abortion laws in South Carolina

For more information about abortion laws and regulations in South Carolina, visit the Guttmacher Institute.

South Carolina abortion clinic options

If you determine that abortion pills will not meet your reproductive needs, you can find information about local abortion support resources near you in the South Carolina Abortion Clinic Guide from Plan C Pills.

Plan C: More ways to access the abortion pill in South Carolina

Even if state laws restrict access to abortion care, there are multiple ways people get abortion pills in every U.S. state. ‍Visit the Plan C Guide to Abortion Pills in South Carolina to learn about other online telehealth services that are available to you in addition to Aid Access.

Start now: Get the abortion pill online from Aid Access.