USA abortion providers Aid Access started serving all USA states.

Press release July 14, 2023
USA abortion providers have taken the responsibility to serve all USA states with FDA approved tele-medical abortions.

The USA abortion providers are registered in states that have adopted laws to protect them against legal action from the states where abortion has been banned, the so called shield law states. Since June 18 th, more than 15000 people from all US states requested abortion services from Aid Access. And more than 3500 people living in states where abortion is banned, received a medical abortion treatment from US providers living in the shield law states. The cost of the service is 150 US dollars with a sliding scale for those who cannot afford to pay.  

These USA abortion providers strongly believe that all US citizens have the duty to protect the human rights of their fellow citizens. In June 2022, the constitutional right to an abortion was taken away by the supreme court after 50 years but this decision cannot take away the human right to access safe abortion services. (1)

The abortion pills mifepristone and misoprostol first became available in France at the end of the 1980's. Since many millions of women have used it and is considered the safest medical treatment. Home use of abortion pills and self managed abortions till 13 weeks are supported by the World Health Organisation (2) and telemedical abortions are allowed by the FDA. (3)

Several scientific research papers about the safety of telemedical abortion by Aid Access (4) have been published. The service has been found to be very acceptable and as safe as in clinic care.


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