Do you require psychological counseling after you have had an abortion?

Most women do not need any psychological help after an abortion. Every woman is unique in how she feels after an abortion. Most women report feeling a sense of relief that they have made the best decision under the circumstances. For some women, however, abortion can raise a number of emotional responses including sadness, guilt, rage, shame and regret. Some women feel bad about themselves because they don’t feel guilty about having an abortion, but think they should feel guilty especially in countries where the taboo and social stigma is big.

In general, understanding your emotional pain can help you to begin to let go of the grief, guilt, rage or shame you may be feeling. It is important to acknowledge that you are hurting and to take good care of yourself if you are experiencing difficulty.

In the US, there are some really great free counseling and support services. Here are some organizations and hotlines you can contact for support:

If you are not sure if a medical abortion treatment is right for you, we encourage you to discuss it with a trusted friend or a support service.