Are there other ways to use the Misoprostol?

Misoprostol tablets can be used in one of three ways: under the tongue, vaginally or in the space between gum and cheek. All methods are equally effective.

How to use misoprostol

After 24 hours from swallowing the Mifepristone, the Misoprostol tablets can be used in one of three ways: under the tongue, vaginally, or buccally (in the space between gum and cheek). All methods are equally effective in causing an abortion with pills. 

We strongly advise you to use Misoprostol under your tongue. This way, no remains of the pills can be found in the event that you need to go to a hospital. There are no blood tests that can show that you have taken Mifepristone or Misoprostol, so there will be no way to prove that you tried to do an abortion.

How to use misoprostol vaginally

If you prefer to use the tablets in your vagina, you should use your fingers to put the Misoprostol tablets in as deep as possible, in the back where the womb starts. If you have a complication and you live in a place where hospital staff might denounce you to the police, check your vagina carefully with your fingers to determine whether all of the tablets have dissolved properly. Remove any undissolved pieces of tablets and then go to the hospital immediately. The pills generally take four days to dissolve completely.

Can the doctor tell I used misoprostol?

In countries where women can be prosecuted for having an abortion, it is not necessary to tell the medical staff that you tried to induce an abortion. You can say that you had a spontaneous miscarriage. The doctor CANNOT see the difference. The treatment is also the same. The treatment is curettage, also known as vacuum aspiration, during which a doctor will remove remaining tissue from the womb. Doctors have the obligation to help in all cases.