Abortion Pills for Future use

You can already order abortion pills before you are pregnant, just in case you need them in the future. This service is called Advance Provision.

Providing access to abortion pills before they are needed helps people access abortions earlier in their pregnancy. 

Ordering abortion pills  for future use is similar to the process of ordering pills when you are pregnant. However, it can will take longer (usually a few days) to get a response as we always help people who are already pregnant first.

How to get abortion pills using Advanced Provision

Step 1: Fill out the abortion pill consultation form

If you are pregnant now or think you might be pregnant, DO NOT submit an Advance Provision request! To receive help immediately, you must indicate that you are currently pregnant.

The first question on the abortion pill consultation form will be "Are you pregnant?"

    1. If you are pregnant, select: “Yes, and I need an abortion.”
    2. If you do not have a confirmed pregnancy, select:“No, but I would like to get pills for the future.”

The abortion pill consultation form will also ask questions about your medical history. All information you share with us is private and protected.

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Step 2: Reply to the confirmation email 

Once you fill out the form, you will receive a confirmation email. Check your spam folder if the email doesn’t immediately arrive. If you still don’t see it after a few hours, contact us at info@aidaccess.org with your reference number.

Read the confirmation email carefully. You must reply to continue your request for pills. We will ask to confirm your mailing address and contact information. In some states, you will also need to send a photo of your ID.

For advance provision requests, it can take a few days to hear back from us after you reply. The doctor and helpdesk may ask you a few additional questions to make sure we have all the information we need to complete your request. Please monitor your email.

Step 3: Send payment 

We will email instructions on how to make payment. After you pay, you must send us your proof of payment.

Please let us know if you cannot afford this amount. We offer sliding scale pricing to help you with the costs of your abortion with pills.

You will receive another confirmation that we have received your payment and  your request is approved. This can take a few days.

Step 4: Wait for your abortion pills to arrive 

Please check our state-by-state service options for more information on expected shipping times. Shipping takes 1-5 days.

Step 5: Store your abortion pills

Keep your pills  in their original packaging. Make sure they are not exposed to heat, light, or humidity.

Step 6: If you become pregnant in the future, contact us

If you are pregnant and need to use the pills, contact us so we can provide you with accurate information and guide you through the process.


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State-by-state abortion pill service options for people with confirmed unwanted pregnancy

Depending on where you live, we can offer you different abortion pill service options:

In all US states, our US clinicians can help you get abortion pills.

    • Cost: $150 USD
    • Delivery: A few days.

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Abortion pills can be used safely at home as long as you have accurate information, quality medications, and access to emergency care in the rare case of complications.

Our help desk and doctor will be available to answer any questions before, during, and after the process.

Please read the Terms of Use. If you have any questions please email info@aidaccess.org.


Advance Provision of Abortion Pills